Food Pantry Gap Ministry Needs

Financial Donation

Our pantries welcome donations of money to Love INC of Greater Hammond for the purchase of perishable food such as eggs, butter, milk, meat, and cheese. Indicate on your check or Paypal donation that you want the money to go to the food pantries.

Learn more about how to donate financially.

Home Garden Donation

During the summer our pantries welcome donations from home gardens of produce. If you want to donate produce, please contact the food pantry churches directly:

  • Munster Church 219-836-1400

  • Faith Church Munster 219-383-3929

The churches will ask someone from the church's food gap ministry to contact you and make arrangements.

Non-Perishable Food Donation

To donate non-perishable food, please contact Munster Church or Faith Church Munster offices to arrange for delivery:

  • Munster Church 219-836-1400

  • Faith Church Munster 219-383-3929

Food may also be taken to the Love INC office, but it is much better to take it directly to the one of the churches. Munster Church and Faith Church Munster share in this ministry and cooperate with each other.

Food Needed By Our Pantries

Here is a list of foods commonly distributed by both food pantries.